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[Oct. 18th, 2006|06:03 pm]
Sugar to My Honey


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Title: A Month in the Country Part 6
Author: rinnuninnu
Fandom: Lotrips AU
Pairing: EW/OB, SB/VM, DM/BB and EW/SA implied
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not true, lies lies lies!
Summary: Elijah's vacation continues at uncle-Sean's place.
Author's note: More to come. I hope you like this part too. Thank you again for my lovely friend slashfairy for her hard work making sure my English is correct!
Feedback: Always welcome! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5.

A Month in the Country Part 6
"N...No...we don't want Sean here," Elijah whispers; he's confused but he's happy Orlando's here and puzzled as to how Orlando got into his room and in his bed.

Orlando brushes Elijah's cheek and just stares down at this beautiful creature looking up at him with those big blue eyes.

"You are so beautiful Blue Eyes," he whispers and lean down almost kissing Elijah, teasingly licking his lips. "Still drunk gorgeous?"
"Mmmmhhhmmm...," Elijah mumbles incoherently and looks up at Orlando, he's so close to the smaller man. "Maybe a bit...," he groans and rubs his forehead. "What are you doing here? How did you get here? Am I dreaming?" Elijah chuckles and stretches under Orlando.
"This is not a dream Blue Eyes," Orlando whispers and slowly licks Elijah's upper lip. "I'm really here and I'm not going anywhere unless you want me to."

Orlando presses his body down against Elijah's grinding and settling his hips between the younger man's thighs. He keep smiling and looking into Elijah's eyes when he lowers his upper body. He supports himself with his elbows as he licks Elijah's lower lip now.

Fuck he tastes so good, like vanilla. I could just ravish him right here, right now, but I can't. This angel boy is so much more special than any other guys before him.

"You didn't answer my question," Elijah sighs and brings Orlando back to reality. "How did you get here?" Elijah smiles nervously.
"From your window," Orlando grins. "That tree is so helpful for secret encounters," Orlando laughs quietly.
"What about...?" Elijah tenses.
"Sean? He didn't see me come in," Orlando smirks and brushes Elijah's forehead. "I'm not his favourite person at the moment," he whispers.
"Why is that?" Elijah rubs his eyes and tries to stay alert.
"I'll tell you one day, right now I want to do something different," the brown eyed guy smirks and pushes his hips against Elijah's
"Olri...Orli...Bloom...no," Elijah stutters and blushes. "We can't..."
"Why not? You're not that drunk anymore, right?" Orlando raises his eyebrows. "It's not like I'm taking advantage of you...right?" He grinds his hips again.
"Uuuuhhhmmm...no...no...you're not," Elijah trembles and looks up at Orlando.

Oh fuck! He actually wants me and I want him too. But is this the right time, the right moment. Sean's right next door, right behind the wall. But I don't want him to stop.

Elijah can't turn away from Orlando. Those brown eyes are so mesmerizing, so full of life and passion, Elijah just wants to drown in them. He wants to give into Orlando so he wraps his arms around and pulls the man down against himself. Their noses rub together when they stare each other.

"You are so beautiful Blue Eyes," Orlando grins and licks Elijah's lips long and hard making Elijah whimper quietly. "I want you...I have want you the second I saw you."

Orlando pushes his hips against Elijah's and feels the smaller boys hard on against his own. He grins and presses his whole body down pushing Elijah down onto the mattress.

Fuck his whimpers are making me wild. I wish I could just take him right here and now. But I can't, not just yet, I have to wait. Besides, I want to tease him more. That blushing and squirming is so worth it.

Elijah gasps loud when the weight of Orlando is crushing him. It's not uncomfortable, just the opposite, Elijah wants to feel like this, he wants to be wanted. He keep looking at Orlando and lifts his head up. Very slowly and carefully he presses his mouth on Orlando's mouth. The kiss is chaste and gentle, just a brush.

"Fuck it," Orlando groans and attacks Elijah's mouth with full force.

He pushes his tongue into the younger man's mouth and shows just how passionate he can be when he wants to be. The mumbles Elijah makes turns Orlando on more and more. He grins his cock hard against Elijah's massaging the younger boy's pelvis with his own. His tongue massages Elijah tongue with the same force leaving the cutie under him gasp for air when Orlando finally pulls back.

"Oooooohhhh...," Elijah moans after the kiss when Orlando hardens his grinds against Elijah's crotch.

Orlando can feel Elijah's body tensing and stretching under him. He knows the signs, he knows this guy can't hold himself back much longer. This turns him on more, he wants to win and take this boy to heaven and back.

"Come for me Blue Eyes," he groans and move his hand between their bodies. "Let go and come," he says in low, sexy voice leaning down to bite Elijah's neck.

Elijah tilts his head back and pants with his mouth open. He can't hold on any longer, he wants to but Orlando's hand does the trick. Orlando only has to rub Elijah's cock a few times and that does it, Elijah comes in his pants.

"Good boy," Orlando grins and slowly brushes Elijah's bulge. "Perfect...you looked perfect Blue Eyes," he whisper and kisses Elijah's neck.
"W...what? Oh fuck! I din't...you didn't...mmmm...fuck," Elijah opens his eyes after the high. "Oh fuck!" He groans shaking his head and covers his face with his hands, he feels so embarrassed.
"Lij...sweetie...," Orlando chuckles quietly and sits up.

He grabs Elijah's wrists and pins his hands against the mattress above Elijah's head.

"Don't worry...it's alright...," he smiles and leans down to kiss Elijah gently. "You looked so sexy..."
"But...this is so...I didn't mean to...," Elijah tries to argue, failing when Orlando kisses him again.
"You have nothing to worry about," Orlando smiles. "That happens to everyone, even me," he winks.
"But you didn't...you know," Elijah blushes and groans.
"Oh aren't you sweet," Orlando sits up and lets go of Elijah's hands. "We have time for that later," Orlando winks and rolls off of Elijah. "Besides...you need to sleep, you are still drunk," Orlando chuckles and cuddles against Elijah teasing him.
"No I'm not...you are," Elijah chuckles, but he knows Orlando is right, he could have held on longer if he hadn't been drinking. "I guess this means I owe you one," he blushes and turns to look at Orlando.
"Oh yes...yes...you owe me Blue Eyes," Orlando grins and nudges Elijah. "And I'm definitely going to make sure you'll pay your dept," he raises his eyebrows and leans closer to nipple Elijah's neck once more.
"Mmmmm...," Elijah closes his eyes. "You should probably go...I don't want you to, but Sean is going to kill you if he finds you here in the morning."
"Mmmm...are you trying to get rid of me you little rascal?" Orlando bites Elijah's earlobe. "You got what you wanted and now you are just tossing me aside," Orlando laughs and wraps his arms around Elijah holding the guy tightly against himself.
"No no no...I'm just worried," Elijah tries to explain, but then he realizes Orlando is only kidding. "Asshole!" He hisses but enjoys the attention Orlando gives him.
"Yeah, I'm the asshole," Orlando keeps laughing quietly while cuddling.

They both close their eyes and hold onto each other. Elijah feels so tired, happy and tired. He starts to doze off, feeling safer than he's felt in ages. He's happy, just like he was with his own Sean. He pulls Orlando's arm more tightly around himself.

"Stay for a while Orli, just until I fall asleep," he whispers and hears Orlando groan something behind his back.

Elijah's smile widens when Orlando cuddles even closer to his back and his breath brushes Elijah's neck. This is just perfect. Elijah thinks just before he falls asleep.

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