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[Dec. 31st, 2006|10:14 pm]
Sugar to My Honey


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Title: A Month in the Country Part 7
Author: rinnuninnu
Fandom: Lotrips AU
Pairing: EW/OB, SB/VM, DM/BB
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not true, lies lies lies!
Summary: Elijah's vacation continues at uncle-Sean's place.
Author's note: More to come. I hope you like this part too. Thank you again for my lovely friend slashfairy for her hard work making sure my English is correct!
Feedback: Always welcome! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

A Month in the Country Part 7
"Elijah, breakfast is...ready," Sean opens the door and freezes by the door because of the sight on Elijah's bed. "What the hell!" He gasps when he sees Orlando cuddled around his young relative. "Bloom...you...you..."

Both young boys sit up straight when they hear Sean's voice. Elijah looks cranky with his hair spiked up, Orlando being more awake jumps up and walks over to the other side of the bed.

"Sean...it's not what you think," he tries to explain. "Nothing happened...I was worried, I came to see..."
"Save it Bloom, I don't want to hear it. I have eyes you know," Sean chuckles, but it's an angry chuckle. "Out right now!" He shouts at Orlando. "And you, stay here, I'm not finished with you," he points at Elijah, who has never seen Sean this angry.
"Sean, please...nothing happened," Elijah pleads though he's not sure what has happened.
"Listen to Lij...we just slept together," Orlando says firmly, Elijah can see he's not cared of Sean.
"Oh it's Lij now," Sean shakes his head and points the door. "It's never just sleeping with you Bloom, get out," he turns to look at Elijah. "You! Get dressed and I'll see you downstairs for breakfast."

"Sean please," Elijah looks at his uncle as sweetly as he can.
"We'll talk later," Sean says and closes the door.

Elijah sits on the bed and looks around. What the hell is going on? I slept with Orli! How did that happen? He shakes his head and gets up feeling woozy and crappy, his head hurts and his clothes are clinging to him. What is this? Did I come last night? He looks down at his jeans and sticky and wrinkled they are. Then he remembers what happened last night. Oh fuck! Orli came through the window and he made me come! Elijah sits back on his bed and stares the wall with his mouth open.

"Orlando...you...it's not right...he's young...not...again," Elijah hears Sean's voice from downstairs.

He sneaks out of his room to hear better.

"But I like him a lot...more..than...he's different," he hears Orlando now.

Elijah walks quietly closer to the stairs to hear better.

"I find that hard to believe after what you have done in the past," Sean's voice is still firm, but not as angry as it was earlier. "Elijah doesn't know about you and Craig, I haven't told him. He's so innocent and young, I'm not sure if he's ever been with a guy. You can't lead him on and toss him aside like you have done to others," Elijah can't see his uncle and Orlando, but he hears them.
"I'm not going to," Orlando sounds a bit frustrated. "There's something about Elijah, I have never felt like this Sean. I want to be close to him all the time. Please you have to understand, you know it yourself, he's special," Orlando's almost pleading with Sean.
"I don't know Orli...I don't know if I can believe you," Sean moves around, Elijah sees his shadow. "I don't know if I can trust you."
"You can if you want to," Orlando moves closer to Sean. "Do you? Or do you just want to keep Elijah and me apart? Is that it? Do you want him for yourself? Is that why you didn't tell him about Viggo and you?" Orlando's voice becomes angry now.
"Orli, that's a low blow," Sean snaps. "I love Viggo and you know it! Then again what do you know about love? You use guys, you used Craig and now he's gone. He was my best friend," Sean says quietly. "He loved you and I know for a fact that Elijah is falling for you too. I can see it in his eyes and I can't let you break his heart."
"I'm falling for him too," Orlando says quietly. "You can't stop us from being together," Elijah sees Orlando move and come towards the front door and stairs.
"I'm going to try," Sean follows him.

Elijah is stunned. He's sitting on the floor and leans against the wall. Am I falling for Orlando? I like him a lot, I like being with him. He's gorgeous and caring, I think about him all the time. But Sean knows him better. Is he using me or falling for me? And who is Craig? Elijah quietly stands up when he hears Orlando run out the door. Elijah can't let Orlando leave without seeing him. He rushes to his room and changes his jeans. He rushes to the window and sees Orlando sit in his car.

"Orli! Wait!" He opens his window and calls out the Orlando. "I'm coming with you!"

Elijah climbs out the window to the ledge and crawls to the tree. He sees Orlando run from his car to the tree.

"Be careful," Orlando looks up worried, this is not what he wanted, well it is but not like this. "You shouldn't do this, you should talk to Sean. I'm not going anywhere..."
"Shut up, I'm coming with you now," Elijah says firmly and climbs down the tree. "I'm not letting you leave without me."

Elijah jumps down to Orlando's waiting arms. The young men look at each other, small smiles forming on their lips.

"You are crazy you know that" Orlando shakes his head.
"Takes one to know one," Elijah giggles and wraps his arms around Orlando. "Come on let's go before Sean sees us."
"This isn't right Lij, you should talk to him," Orlando stands still.
"I can talk to him later," Elijah smiles and starts to pull Orlando to the car. "Now I want to be with you."

Orlando shakes his head and follows the smaller boy. They sit in the car and Orlando starts it just in time. Sean runs out and sees them.
"Elijah! Elijah Wood!" They hear Sean shout when they drive off.
"I'll see you later. I'm alright!" Elijah shouts and waves at Sean.

He cuddles close to Orlando and wraps his arm around Orlando's arm. He closes his eyes and smiles, but his mind is full of questions and he needs answers to all of them.

"Orli?" He says quietly. "Who is Craig?" He asks carefully.

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