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Slash Fic - Sugar to My Honey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sugar to My Honey

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Slash Fic [Mar. 25th, 2007|08:06 pm]
Sugar to My Honey


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Title: A Month in the Country Part 8
Author: rinnuninnu
Fandom: Lotrips AU
Pairing: EW/OB, SB/VM, DM/BB
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not true, lies lies lies!
Summary: Elijah's vacation continues at uncle-Sean's place.
Author's note: More to come. I hope you like this part too. Thank you again for my lovely friend slashfairy for her hard work making sure my English is correct!
Feedback: Always welcome! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7.

A Month in the Country Part 8

"Orli?" Elijah says quietly. "Who is Craig?" He asks carefully.
"What?" Orlando's voice trembles slightly but he tries to act cool. "Craig? He's just an old friend of mine," he smiles nervously and looks at Elijah.
"Really? Just a friend?" Elijah is puzzled. "I...I...I thought...I mean I heard you and Sean..."
"Look Blue Eyes, you don't have to worry about that," Orlando moves his hand on Elijah's thigh and squeeze it. "It's ancient history, the past and this is now," he's hoping Elijah will leave it at that and not ask any more questions. "So...are you ready to have fun?" He quickly changes the subject.
"Fun?" Elijah is still thinking about the mystery man called Craig. "Sure," he smiles a bit and puts his hand on top of Orlando's.

The rest of the drive they both stay silent and Orlando soft touch on Elijah's leg seems to calm him down. Though he still keeps thinking about Sean and Orlando's argument. The thoughts disappear when they arrive at Orlando's place. It is as impressive as it was the first time Elijah saw it. He's very anxious to see the inside and Orlando's room. He feels shivers on his neck when he remembers how Orlando tried to persuade him inside the house the first time.

"Right, here we are," Orlando grins and steps out of the car. "Come on little one!" he laughs when he sees Elijah stare at the house.
"Little one?" Elijah pouts. "I'm not that little," he pokes his tongue at Orlando when he stands beside the car.
"I know," Orlando winks and looks at Elijah's crotch when he walks over to Elijah.

Orlando grabs Elijah's hand and starts to pull him behind the house.
"I thought you wanted to show me your room," Elijah giggles when he runs after Orlando.
"Soon Blue Eyes, really soon," Orlando grins and keeps on running. "But I want to check out something first."

The closer to the back yard they got the clearer Elijah heard the voices. They sounded familiar and before he saw them, he knew Dominic and Billy were out there having fun. And what a place to have fun the back yard.

"Hi guys, look who came to visit!" Orlando greeted his friends while wrapping an arm around Elijah pulling the smaller man closer to himself.
"Elijah!" Dominic shouts and jumps out of the pool. "Dude! You're here!" Dominic runs to hug Elijah.
"Hi...," Elijah smiles awkwardly when Dominic hugs him lifting him up.
"Hello Elijah," Billy greets him more calmly. "What brings you here?" Billy looks at Elijah before he gives a questioning look to Orlando.
"Elijah's here to have fun," Orlando smirks and returns the look to Billy. "But first I need a shower. Come on Blue Eyes!"

Again Orlando pulls Elijah behind him. Before they walk into the house Elijah sees Billy and Dominic share an odd look between them.

"I'll give you the grand tour later, right now I want a shower," Orlando chuckle and continues to pull Elijah this time up the stairs.

Elijah looks around. He doesn't see much, only a long corridor with lots of doors.

"This is my room, make yourself at home," Orlando walks into the room backwards and spreads his arms.

First thing Elijah notices is the size of the room. It's so big and spacious. There's a big window and a door to the balcony. King size bed dominates the room while a big book shelf covers one of the walls. Elijah smiles when he sees the big screen TV and the stereo.

"You like it?" Orlando steps closer and wraps his arms around the smaller boy.
Elijah nods and smiles more when he notices how shy and nervous Orlando seems. He's not that cocky after all.
"I meant it, make yourself at home while I shower," Orlando pulls Elijah over to the bed. "I'll be right back," he kisses Elijah gently, he wishes he could do more, but he doesn't want to rush, not with Elijah. "Unless you want to join me," he laughs and drop Elijah on the bed.
"Oooohhh...I don't think so," Elijah blushes and looks up at Orlando. "Not yet," he says shyly.
"I understand, no worries," Orlando brushes Elijah's cheek and kisses the tip of his nose. "I won't be long," he smiles when he walks to the bathroom.

Elijah sits nervously on the bed listening to Orlando move in the bathroom. He has an urge to see what Orlando is doing, but he's not sure if he can.

"Are you sure you don't want to join me?" Orlando makes him startle when he peeks out from the bathroom.
"W-What? Yes...no...yes...," Elijah stutters.
"Well if you change your mind," Orlando winks and disappears to the bathroom. "I'll be here!" He shouts when the water starts to run.

Elijah stands up and crosses his arms on his chest. He walks to the window and sees Dominic and Billy playing in the swimming pool. They look so happy. I wish I could be so happy. Elijah thinks and turns to look at the open door of the bathroom. I can be happy like that. He slowly takes of his shirt and walks closer to the door. He unbuttons his pants and carefully looks to the bathroom. He sees Orlando's tall, slim body through the misty shower stall glass. He takes a deep breath and drops his pants.

"Hello there," Orlando's voice sounds mischievous when he hears the shower stall door open. "I knew you couldn't stay away," he still doesn't turn around.
""I...I...," Elijah takes a deep breath and tries to make some sense of himself.
"Shhh...," Orlando turns around and puts his finger on Elijah's lips. "We don't have to talk Blue Eyes."

Orlando pulls Elijah close and brush the hair off his eyes. They look at each other, smiling and slightly chuckling.

"I'm glad you changed your mind," Orlando whispers and kisses Elijah softly on the lips.
"Me too," Elijah closes his eyes and pushes his lips harder against Orlando's mouth.

They tilt their heads on opposite sides as the kiss deepens. Orlando's hands move down Elijah's back pulling him closer, making their naked bodies rub against each other. Elijah gasps loud when he feels Orlando's hard cock press his stomach.

"It's okay, you did this to me," Orlando smiles and pulls back a bit. "You make me this hard."

Elijah blushes and puts his head on Orlando's shoulder. Cautiously he rocks his hips forward to feel Orlando's cock even closer to himself. He starts to kiss Orlando's shoulder and chest moving down on his body.

"Babe...you don't have to," Orlando says quickly when Elijah lowers himself down on the stall's floor.
"I want to," Elijah smiles and nibbles Orlando's stomach. "I really want to."

Elijah drops between Orlando's legs and looks at the Orlando's beautiful cock standing erect in front of his eyes. Elijah smiles and looks up at Orlando seeing him smile too. Gently Elijah presses his palm against the pulsing erection. His fingers point upwards towards the tip when he slowly rubs it up and down.

"Kiss it," Orlando gasps and places his hands gently on top of Elijah's head. "Please, kiss it."

Orlando's cock flops against his belly, reaching almost to his navel when Elijah takes his hand off. He moves his face closer to it, the smell is incredible, the water dripping on the shaft. Elijah gasps against it and softly presses his lips against the skin.

"Oh Lij...," Orlando moans and leans back against the wall. "Harder...more...do it again," he groans and his hands brush Elijah's hair. "Kiss it again."

Elijah smiles as he kneels properly on the floor. He kisses the cock, this time harder, sucking and licking the shaft. Slowly he works his way up to Orlando's cock licking and
kissing it until he gets to the top. He opens wide and takes the hard cock into his mouth.

Attentively Elijah listens the sounds Orlando is making, he wants to know he's doing this right. Very slowly he sucks the tip and takes it as deep as he can. He moves his tongue around the tip making it wet. He takes a hold of the shaft as he pops his head up and down.

"Oh babe...oh Lij...," Orlando groans and holds back the urge to push forward, he doesn't want to be in charge this time, he wants Elijah to do this all on his own. "That's so good...," gently he clutches on the younger man's hair only to insure the boy he's doing everything right.

Orlando's words encourage Elijah. He strokes the cock faster now while he tilts his head. He slides his open mouth and tongue up and down the slippery erection. With his free hand he cups Orlando's balls and massages them tenderly.

"So close baby," Elijah hears Orlando's cry. "Soon baby."

Elijah takes Orlando's cock into his mouth again sucking it hard and fast. He's eager to make Orlando come, he's eager to give pleasure to Orlando.

"Oh fuck!" Orlando shouts and pulls back.

Elijah looks up to see Orlando's face the moment he comes. Elijah doesn't have to wait for long. Soon he feels the bursts on his chin and chest and neck. The moment on Orlando's face is so sexy. He squints his eyes closed and pushes his head back and chest forward letting everything out. Elijah closes his eyes and smiles. This feels so good. I made this. This gorgeous man came because of me.

"Fucking hell Blue Eyes," Orlando pants and opens his eyes to look at the beautiful boy who just made hi come this hard. "I bet that wasn't the first time you did that...I guess you're not as innocent as I thought you were," Orlando chuckles and leans forward to pull Elijah up.
"No, I'm not that innocent," Elijah blushes and hugs Orlando tightly. "You're incredible," he whispers and kisses Orlando's shoulder. "I think I..."
"Hey you guys!" They hear someone come in. "Oh shit fuck...I'm sorry," Dominic curses when he sees the boys in the shower together. "I hate to interrupt but Bean is here."

Elijah pulls back and looks up at Orlando.

X-posted at rinnuninnu, bloomwood_, fellow_shippers, orli_slash and orlijah_