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Fic: Viking Blood. R. (Johnny/Viggo) - Sugar to My Honey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sugar to My Honey

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Fic: Viking Blood. R. (Johnny/Viggo) [Sep. 21st, 2009|04:41 pm]
Sugar to My Honey


Title: Viking Blood.
Author: healingmachine.
Pairing: Johnny/Viggo.
Rating: R.
Beta: None.
Warning: Needle usage!
Notes: I wrote this in the middle of my 15th cup of tea.
Disclaimer: This never happened to the best of my knowledge.
Crossposted: johnnyviggo
Feedback: Always apprieciated, even the constructive variety :)

Viggo had done work for various charities but this was by far the strangest request they had made of him. Still, the money had been raised via Paypal so he couldn't back out now.

And this was how Johnny Depp came to be on his knees between Viggo's, narrowing his eyes at an inky pattern that had been stamped underneath Viggo's naval to the left. It was a sensitive patch of skin and Viggo wasn't sure if pain was supposed to be inflicted there because of this. Still, Johnny wielded the buzzing skin scribe carefully and used his other forefinger & thumb to stretch the skin before placing the needle on the design.

The familiar itch was expected but not the arousing jolt of white-hot pain that came with it, as Johnny swept up and down with precision.

"So what is this?" Johnny asked him, eyes still on the design as he drew, "Something Pagan?"

"No... er... it's a symbol that represents the Fyrkat Fortress..." Viggo murmured, barely able to concentrate in the wake of his surging hormones.

"A Great Dane? I would never have guessed..." Johnny commented, sounding surprised. "You look more Germanic. So... you've got Viking blood, huh?" His dimples hollowed in his cheeks as he smiled up at Viggo and the effect was mesmeric. Viggo felt a tugging inside his stomach that had nothing to do with the tattoo and it swooped as he smiled back.

"On my father's side, yeah." He replied, willing himself not to move or squirm even though it was extremely uncomfortable now that he was semi-hard.

Johnny's smile widened as he concentrated on the Nordic symbol, going over a thick black line repeatedly. "So you're a crossbreed too..." He commented casually, "Proud of your heritage. That's nice. I was sick of tracing mermaids and roses."

Looking down, Viggo smiled with all of his milk teeth, repressing the urge to stroke Johnny's hair back. "I'm not the first person you've done?" He blurted, mindlessly.

Johnny's answering grin was wicked and he shook his head. "No. Some kids... actors... they heard I was doing this today and came along for a free ride. Y'know, get tattooed by Johnny Depp! One night only! They actually brought alcohol too. To a place where I get to stick needles in them." He rolled his eyes as Viggo sniggered. "You're the one person I've seen today who actually knows what he wants..."

"You're great at it though." Viggo said, looking down at what Johnny was doing, feeling nervous. "You've got really steady hands..." Trailing off, he kicked himself hard mentally.

Johnny held his expression as he continued, saying nothing while he filled in the edges of a cross inside a circle, taking his time on each minute detail. Closing his eyes, Viggo felt the tickly itch connecting with his cock again, making it twitch. It was only when Johnny stopped, needle pen buzzing in mid-air, that he realised he'd made a noise.

"Yes?" Johnny said, trying to hold his face straight with obvious effort.

Embarrassed, Viggo spoke quickly, thinking fast, "Are you almost done?"

"Almost." Johnny confirmed, looking up to wink at him before turning his attention to the ornate markings around the outer circle. Swallowing, Viggo tried to steel his nerves but before the needle had even touched his skin, he was stiffening again. A small wet patch discoloured a prominent point in his jeans while he just about chewed his own lips off, staring at Johnny's dark head moving as he worked.

Taking a deep breath, Viggo tried to remember how to calm himself but Johnny was humming now and all he could think was how hard Johnny's smile was making him, what stubbled kisses would feel like over his tattoo, how those warm brown eyes had a dizzying effect on him.

"Done." Johnny said, finally, replacing the pen. He took a wet cloth to remove the ink stamp from Viggo's skin beneath the tattoo and any excess ink, wiping it down gently. It wasn't wet enough so he spat on the cloth and rubbed the area again. Viggo thought about Johnny's saliva on his skin. He leant forward then and blew on the raw patch of skin to dry it out. The atmosphere was palpable but Johnny's jaw set like he was still trying not to laugh.

"Having fun?" Viggo asked him, amused, with a rough edge to his voice.

"Mmm, it's been a pleasure." Johnny said, emphasizing the last word deliberately, giving Viggo a deceptively innocent smile. He placed something that looked like a large white band-aid over the tattoo, pressing it down lightly to stick to Viggo's skin. "Keep this dry. Leave it on for a couplea days..."

Viggo laughed in reaction to the strangeness of the situation, his nerves getting the better of him. "Ok, thanks."

Johnny rose, though still on his knees, putting his hands at the top of Viggo's legs for balance. Their faces were inches apart. Johnny smelt of tobacco and ginger. Viggo hadn't even brushed his teeth.

"Hey Viggo..." Johnny said tenderly, eyes studying Viggo's face with expectation. Then abruptly, he stood up, reaching for Viggo who took his hand, standing up also. There was an awkward pause. "I have other tattoos to do..." Johnny said, looking at Viggo levelly, voice quiet.

"Oh, sure! Sure." Viggo replied, feeling stupid, hiding his confusion with expert professionalism. He turned from Johnny, pulling his shirt down over what felt like a pulsing wound now. It was minor though, it would heal soon. Pain never really bothered him. But it didn't usually turn him on either. Grabbing his jacket, he put it on, threading his arms through the sleeves.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Johnny prompted, Viggo was surprised to see he hadn't moved as he turned back to face him again.

"What?" Viggo asked, not sure what Johnny was really asking him for. He had to get out of here, soon. The cold would eliminate his erection. Johnny's close proximity sure as hell wasn't helping.

"This." Johnny replied. He moved too quickly for Viggo to react, closing the distance between them, his hand reaching down to squeeze and cup Viggo through his pants as he laughed. He looked into Viggo's eyes and whispered, "I fucking knew it..." before inclining his head and kissing him deftly, his lips moving constantly against Viggo's mouth. After a minute of this, Johnny's lips parted and he slid his tongue over Viggo's, hot and wet, then pressed his lips gently against the cleft palette. The surprise made Viggo pull away but he grinned at Johnny, exhilarated.
"Get outta here!" Johnny cried, giving him another squeeze before removing his hand. "I finish at seven."

"Seven." Viggo repeated, eyes on Johnny's lips still. "I'll be here."

"You bet your ass you will." Johnny said softly, smacking him on the backside and grinning.

Viggo walked out of the parlour into the darkening day, striding purposefully. Pain was nothing to be afraid of when you have something worthwhile to gain from it he knew and as the tattoo twinged, he smiled to himself.