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Fic: Once Upon A Time in Copenhagen (Johnny/Viggo). Hard R. - Sugar to My Honey [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sugar to My Honey

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Fic: Once Upon A Time in Copenhagen (Johnny/Viggo). Hard R. [Sep. 21st, 2009|04:45 pm]
Sugar to My Honey


Title: Once Upon A Time In Copenhagen
Author: healingmachine
Pairing: Viggo/Johnny
Rating: Hard R
Notes: Johnny & Vanessa talk
Warning: Angst & fluff
Disclaimer: Not real
Crossposted: johnnyviggo
Feedback: Always apprieciated :)

"The past is a foreign country
they do things differently there"

- L. P. Hartley

Vanessa and Johnny sat on their couch, drinking wine & cuddling up after putting their children to bed. It was ritualistic now. They had tackled the prickly subject of exes before but tonight Vanessa wanted the full story about something Johnny had mentioned but never before elaborated on.

"Alright!" He sighed, hands in the air, in a gesture of surrender. "Well, as you know, I was ready to divorce Lori while we were touring Europe. The Kids were supporting Iggy. When we got to Denmark though, we had a massive in-fight. Fists were thrown. I jumped in. Then I quit immediately afterwards, told them to go fuck themselves, you know what I'm like..."

She grinned, nodding at him. "Unfortunately..."

He pinched her nose gently and continued. "Anyway, I was what... 17? 18 years old? So it's roughly... 1980... 81, maybe. And I'm in Copenhagen, the capital city, totally lost. But it's beautiful. I'm just wandering in this amazing place where I'm totally screwed, have roughly $17 cash on my person, but in love with the surroundings. Just at peace."

Vanessa's eyes met his and she grinned again, listening closely. "Mmm?"

"Well, I was walking across a long bridge and at the end of it was a stall. In front of the stall was this... guy." He said the word slightly breathlessly and for a moment, Vanessa was taken aback. "I'd met guys I liked before but not as much as this. He was selling roses and asked me my name in a New York accent."

"Typical!" She said, laughing. "Trust you to go to the ends of the earth and find the one native! What did he look like?"

"Um..." Johnny thought for a moment. "He was sort of... German. All clefted, he had the same scar as Joaquin here..." He pointed at his filtrum. "Dyed blonde hair, blue-green eyes and when he smiled, he looked like Marlon Brando."

Vanessa arched an elegant eyebrow, sweet in her babyfaced features. "Is that why you idolise Marlon?" She asked.

He pulled a face at her, acting as though she had not spoken. "We spent all day walking the streets, trying to pawn flowers to the locals. They all knew him; he was really popular, really smart and painfully talented. Five years older than me. He was a struggling artisan, I was a struggling musician. We fascinated each other. Both named after our dads, both had divorced parents, both moved around as kids and both trying to find our way in the world."

"Kindred spirits." Vanessa commented softly, immersed in the details.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah..." Johnny swept some stray strands of hair back with his left hand. "I ended up back at his house when he took sympathy on me about the band and everything. It was a tiny, beautiful house on the waterfront. We stayed up all night talking. I asked to stay a few more nights but ended up staying for... I think... about a month! We read Salinger together, Camus, Ginsberg, Orwell, Kafka and Dostoyevsky. We started to dress the same. I played him rock songs on my cassette player cos I'd taken about 30 mixtapes! And he played me vinyl records, mostly jazz... or post-modern punk. It was an amazing time."

"So what happened?" She asked, curiousity etched into her features.

He frowned, looking uncomfortable. "Well, we made our manifesto. Our new world order. And we -- we talked about... what we really wanted to do with ourselves." Johnny smiled at the memory. "I said I wanted to try acting. He got all over-enthusiastic, saying I'd be incredible as an actor..."

Vanessa laughed at this.

"I know!" He agreed, grin plastered on his face. "So we rented a bunch of videos that night, for practise. We were curled up on his couch..." Johnny's grin faded and he swallowed hard.

"Go on..." She coerced him gently, a smile playing on her lips. It was not like Johnny to be coy.

"We were halfway through Streetcar Named Desire and... I mentioned how great Marlon looked, how... he looked like Marlon... he reached over me for the video cover and our faces were really close, like, inches apart. And he whispered 'sorry', then he kissed me. It felt different. Different but good. I kissed him back and then we were... just tearing each others clothes off, like animals. It was really intense. I enjoyed it when he put his mouth on me because... he sucked really hard. And I liked giving him head. It was ok. Anal sex is great! But it was rough on my stomach afterwards. Like... it irritated it. It took so many attempts to get him in as well!"

"He had sex with you?!" She asked, incredulous. Johnny was normally so dominating in the bedroom.

He chuckled. "Yeah, and it stung. We went through a bucketload of spit to make it easier."

"What an attractive aesthetic!" She said, giggling again.

"But once it was easier..." Johnny continued, eager to finish the story now. "You know how when I touch you -- here..." He rubbed a spot just behind her ear and her eyes fluttered shut as she shivered. "... well, it was like that."

"When he was inside you?" She asked, her eyes opening.

"Yeah, he tore me once but apart from that, it aroused the hell out of me. He made me come so fast and hard, I thought I would pass out! And then... the town started to talk about us... and I got scared. I wanted to go back to Lori but not because I missed her. Being in a homosexual relationship back then was frowned upon. I mean, at first, I had a kind of 'fuck you' attitude towards them but then I got cold feet. I began questioning myself... I would go as far as to say that I was homophobic even. Not because I didn't agree with it but because I was young & stupid! And not so much that I didn't let the guy in me in the first place."

"You did it more than once?" Vanessa asked, but more for clarification's sake.

"Yeah." Johnny answered, sighing. "Over the last two weeks of my stay. It was like a holiday romance. We did everything."

"But you changed your mind?" She asked, again, knowing but wanting to understand.

"... I... yeah. I was bad at understanding what it was we had. Knowing my role in the relationship. Thinking he was making me into 'the woman'. I know how bad that sounds!" He interrupted her unspoken comment. "Again, young & stupid. It's how I was then. He was just taking care of me because he was older and I was... so naiive and lost. I couldn't handle that it was natural progression. So I got up from the bed I'd been sharing with him in the middle of the night, used my plane ticket, boarded and came home. My mom was furious."

"You just took off?!" She cried, mad at him for his insensitivity.

"Yeah." Johnny admitted, guiltily, hoping Vanessa wasn't judging him too harshly on his standards. "I told you, I was a kid but I was also an idiot. I thought about calling him after but I never did."

Vanessa tilted her head, seemingly deep in thought. "So he's out there... somewhere... reading about you, seeing your face on magazines, your movies..."

"I know." He groaned, filled with a terrible ache suddenly. "Forgive me?"

"No need..." Vanessa answered, smiling. "But wow, Johnny. Didn't he ever try to find you? It sounds like the two of you should've talked at least."

"Er... I... er, I don't know." He answered, uncomfortably.

When he got incoherent, Vanessa always backed away from the subject. Today was no different. "If it were me, I'd chase you round the globe!" She laughed. "Become an actress just to get your attention."

An idea formed in his head and he bit his lip. "Nessa?" Johnny spoke quietly.

"I'm here, baby." She answered.

"I'm getting another tattoo." He said, reaching forward to stroke her cheek.

"You are?" She asked, unsurprised. "Where & what?"

"The letter V. On my wrist." He replied, eyes on her face, his heart pounding in his chest.

She laughed, delightedly. "I'm honoured. Thank you."